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Skate Ski Boots - A Buyer's Guide to the Best Cross-country Ski Boots

Cross-country ski enthusiasts have ready for skate skiing this winter and always ask what's the best skate ski boot available. If you're serious skate skier or a ski racer, then you will want to buy the top grade or near top grade skate boot, as it provides best performance and luxury inside a ski boot. Don't skimp with regards to a cross country ski boot. Comfort is everything. A skate ski boot is different than a vintage or combi boot. We don't recommend using any other kind boot for skate skiing when compared to a skate boot. Why? Because a skate boot is significantly stiffer and offers superior lateral support than the other boot types. The skate boot is design for control - charge of your ski in particular. It is stiff and extends across the ankle - which supplies more power transfer back and forth. A classic boot is designed for forward-backward motion not lateral and will also be too soft and you may not need much control on your skate skis. The combi or pursuit boot is alright in case you are on the limited budget however the downside of a combi boot is that is not perfect for either skate skiing or classic skiing, if you are able it obtain the right boot for the best technique. The Rossignol x-ium skate boot is the top quality skate boot and is also strongly suggested. The sole of the boot is manufactured with lightweight yet stiff material. This boot is stiff inside the ankle, heel, and upper cuff where it counts. The materials is extremely lightweight, so you don't have to ski with extra weight, particularly when it counts during race day.

skate boot

If you aren't a nordic racer, it does not matter since high quality boot will improve the overall experience with skate skiing. This skate boot is lightweight, yet comfortable and xc skier around the globe buy them year after year for their superior qualities.

The Rossignol X-ium Globe Cup skate boot is Rossignol's top of the line skate boot. The Rossignol ixium WC skate boot pertains having a seamless lace cover and asymmetrical lacing that's water resistant. The re-engineered heel offers a better fit of the foot as well as better convenience. The inner lining is thermomoldable as well as fast drying and also hardwearing . foot dry along with warm. The NNN outersole works using the NIS plated ski and offers stability along with rigidity which increases the energy transfer to the ski. The Rossignol X-IUM WC Skate Boot is optimal for the racer and satisfaction skate skier searching for lightness and versatility.

Rossignol XIUM Boot specifications:
-Ultra light, powerful skate boot
Weight: 1150g (EU 42)
- Insulation: Thermomoldable insulated liner-- for heat
- Lacing: Asymmetrical Lacing Process
- Heel cuff: 100 % composite fiber-- lightweight, high stability
- Upper cuff: Lateral ergonomic control system
- Thermo adaptable insulated liner that molds for the foot
- Binding Compatibility: NNN|NIS
-Composite fiber component optimizes foot to ski power transfer
Active heel control for maximum support

Rossignol cross-country ski gear and also other cross country ski equipment can be purchased at www.XCSkiStore.com, in our store Brian's Bicycles and X-country Skis in Mammoth Lakes California or at our Skate Boot Amazon Store.

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